Frequently Asked Questions

How do the sizes work for vinyl decals?2017-05-26T10:15:20-04:00

Sizing for vinyl decals depends on the style of the design you are purchasing. It is either the height or width.

For WIDER designs the sizing applies to the WIDTH

(this design would be sized by WIDTH)

For TALLER designs the sizing applies to the HEIGHT

(this design would be sized by HEIGHT)

For round or symmetrical designs the size will be the approximate WIDTH and HEIGHT

(this design would be sized by its approximate WIDTH and HEIGHT)

What color(s) are available for vinyl decals?2017-05-26T10:15:15-04:00

There are several color options available for your vinyl decal. The color chart is viewable on the product listing (also below) and you choose which color you would like when purchasing your decal. Should you need a specific color we can help, just contact us or send us an email.

Can I personalize my garment or vinyl decal?2017-05-26T10:15:34-04:00

Absolutely! If personalization is available for your item you will see an option on the product listing to include any personalization information. Options vary by design.

Can you match or create a custom logo?2017-05-26T10:15:29-04:00

We sure can! If you have an existing logo or need one created just send us an email or fill out our contact form to get started!

We can also vectorize your logo!

Do you offer bulk discounts?2017-05-26T09:48:31-04:00

Yes! Have a sports team, school, or special event you need a bulk order for? We can do it!

Discounts available up to 50% off retail price depending on how many decals you order. Submit a request via our contact form here.

All bulk orders receive a design for review before completion to ensure you get what you want!

Care instructions for t-shirts an garments2017-05-26T10:49:57-04:00

Please follow these instructions for washing your garment:

  • Turn garment inside out

  • Machine wash cold with mild detergent

  • Dry with low heat or hang to dry

  • Do not dry clean

  • If ironing is needed be sure to cover design with parchment paper

How to apply your vinyl decal2017-09-01T11:56:22-04:00

Step 1 – Clean the area thoroughly

Clean the area thoroughly with rubbing alcohol or soap and water. Do not use Windex or similar products because it will leave a residue behind that will prevent the sticker from adhering well.

Step 2 – Prepare the sticker for application

Prepare the sticker for application by firmly rubbing a squeegee or credit card across the clear transfer tape. This removes any air bubbles that may have formed and makes the sticker cling to the transfer tape.

Step 3 – Peel the white paper backing off

Peel the white paper backing off the sticker. If the sticker clings to the backing, slowly replace the paper backing and repeat Step 2.

Step 4 – Lower the sticker onto the surface

Slowly lower the sticker onto the surface and rub it in place firmly with a squeegee or credit card.

Step 5 – Slowly peel the clear transfer tape off

Slowly peel the clear transfer tape off at an angle. Be careful not to pull the sticker off the surface. If sticker pulls away from the surface repeat Step 4.